My Library Has Migrated Over To LibGuides!

LibGuides logoI am quite thrilled that our library has officially migrated over to LibGuides as our research/library guides solution! We flipped the switch last Thursday, after several months spent configuring and customizing the site, training our librarians, and transferring content over from the custom guides solution that our library started using a short while prior to my May 2009 arrival here.

I’ve been a fan of LibGuides since it first hit my radar in 2009. And since actually getting my hands dirty working with it much of the last few months, I continue to be impressed with LibGuides highly flexible functionality, their excellent customer service, and the eagerness (and fast response) of their development team to incorporate changes suggested by customers. It is no wonder that LibGuides is the industry standard in library guides, and is making quite a dent in the industry with its evolving suite of projects.

My library decided to make the switch to LibGuides after we lost two of our Library Systems team members (from a team of 4-1/2 people) at the start of the fall semester last year. One of those  losses was our lead developer, who was solely responsible for our custom guides’ code base. With the California budget crisis making it nearly implausible that we would get to hire another senior developer (we still haven’t filled those two positions, nearly one year later) to maintain and continue developing our custom guides, our library management team and I made the decision to go with the hosted LibGuides solution. It just provides us with a much more sustainable cost-efficient solution, in light of our shrunken Systems Team.

Pollak Library LibGuides

Our LibGuides is skinned with the visual branding and template design that we will roll out soon in our new website. Check out our LibGuides at:

With that said, if you remember way back to some of my posts from late 2010 (yeah, I know), our library has been undergoing a massive website redesign (more on that lengthy, laborious, very prolonged process later). We had hoped to roll out both LibGuides and the new site at the same time, but the new website is still at least a good couple of months away. Our management team, however, opted to go ahead and roll out LibGuides in time for the start of the fall semester. Instead of me having to skin our LibGuides twice — once to match the current website, and again to match our new website — the management team decided that we would skin LibGuides only once and push it out using the templates and visual branding of our new website. So, consider our LibGuides a preview of what our new website will look like later this year.

I have been pushing the LibGuides APIs as far as they can go, so expect to see some more posts from me with use cases and tutorials!

And please feel free to hit me up if you have any questions about our LibGuides customizations.

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