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Are you interested in Mexican or Hispanic genealogy, history, and traditions?

Our new Facebook Page has replaced our old monthly Hispanic Research & Heritage email newsletter.

This new Facebook Page is still personally curated by me Colleen Robledo Greene, MLIS. I personally hand-select content for those who research Mexican or Hispanic family history or history in general. It covers Hispanic genealogy, history, traditions, and culture. Researching, understanding, and celebrating our family history is about more than just a genealogy focus.

The old email monthly newsletter was very time consuming to compile. Since it only went out once a month, I often missed upcoming events if they did not fall on my editorial radar in time for publication. This format allows me to immediately share items of interest, and allows you to receive this great content on a regular basis.

Not on Facebook? I’m still mulling over other ideas as well. But you can and should follow this blog since it focuses heavily on Mexican and Hispanic genealogy, as well as genealogy in general. Use the email subscription signup widget in the sidebar to receive my blog posts in your email inbox.

So hop on over to Facebook and follow the Hispanic Genealogy & Heritage News page today!

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