TxSGS 2018 Family History Conference

I am Teaching Three Genealogy Classes at the TxSGS Conference in November

In six weeks, I return to teach at one of my favorite genealogy conferences. The Texas State Genealogical Society (TxSGS) is participating in the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the founding of San Antonio, Texas by holding its annual family history conference there. My sessions include a mix of Hispanic research and technology tools.

Evernote for Genealogy

Evernote for Genealogy: Creating a Linked Research Log Index

I use Evernote to maintain a master Genealogy Index listing everyone I am researching for our family history. I also apply a Dollarhide-inspired coding system to each individual I am researching. Both tools help me make Evernote a powerful research aid in doing my family history research.

Evernote for Genealogy

Evernote For Genealogy: Mobile Audio Interviews

Two of the features I like best in Evernote are geotagging and audio Notes. Geotagging allows me to attach geographical metadata to my Notes, and the audio recording feature allows me to record audio and generate a Note with an embedded media player for that audio file. The combination of these two features makes for an easy always-handy good quality tool to capture mobile family history interviews since I never go anywhere without my iPhone.

Evernote for Genealogy

Evernote for Genealogy: Research Logs and Note Links

This past year, I have finally started keeping research logs for my genealogy research. Evernote is a natural fit for my workflow and needs when it comes to maintaining these logs. My workflow is simple and easy, and I can access these logs from every computer and mobile device.

Evernote for Genealogy

Evernote for Genealogy: The Foundation of My Research Organization System

I have been using Evernote for 4-1/2 years, and using it to organize my genealogy research for a few years. With so much chatter lately among my fellow genealogists who have been discovering this valuable tool, I thought I’d start sharing my own fine-tuned system and tips.

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