Register for the next "Endogamy & DNA" course by Your DNA Guide, Diahan Southard

Diahan Southard’s “Endogamy and DNA” Course

Hands down, Diahan Southard’s Endogamy & DNA online course is the best resource I have found for really learning how to dig into understanding endogamy, its impact on your autosomal DNA matches, and how to account for it when working those matches.

FREE June 8th NYG&B Webinar Focuses on Endogamous DNA Matches

Endogamy can inflate the estimated relationship ranges that the genealogical DNA testing companies calculate for autosomal DNA matches. This webinar should provide you with a good free introduction to dealing with this challenge.

Event details for the April 2017 DNA program

April 2017 Cal State Fullerton Program: Using DNA to Discover Your Ancestry

What can DNA testing tell you about your ethnic origins? How can it be used to piece together your family history? Are those TV commercials all hype? How have anthropologists and historians used this type of DNA testing to solve historical mysteries? Can these tests reveal anything about your health?

DNA Double Helix

Just Launched My Research Guide for Genetic Genealogy

Yesterday I launched my newest research guide, on using DNA for genealogical research — a focus of much of my own research time and dime this year. The research guide is by no means complete. I am still scrambling to add more material, and will continue to regularly update it. It is meant to be comprehensive, but not exhaustive. Includes a special getting started section for beginners.

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