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Legacy Family Tree Webinars and I are partnering again for a research series focused on Mexican genealogy.

Legacy Family Tree Webinar’s 2023 Mexico Research Series

This six-part webinar series runs every-other-month and dives into some of the most critical records for researching Mexican ancestry, in colonial New Spain, independent Mexico, and the United States.

Padrinos of Jose Refugio Nieto Mesa

Documenting Padrinos (Godparents & Sponsors) in Your Ancestry Tree

Padrinos play an important role in Hispanic culture and family history. Identifying and tracking the names of padrinos found in the records of your ancestors can provide clues to help further trace your ancestral lines, and can help you develop a better understanding of the kinship ties in your ancestral hometown.

Legacy Family Tree Webinar on Catholic Records

Legacy Family Tree Webinar: “Finding Your Roots in Catholic Records”

Researching Hispanic ancestors involves a significant amount of time working with Catholic church records. Having a solid understanding of those records is essential to doing good genealogy. I highly recommend this webinar to anyone with Catholic ancestors.

Mexico Church & Civil Registration Records

The Two Main “Go-To” Record Types for Researching Mexican Genealogy

When researching Mexican family history, there are two main “go-to” types of records that you will consult daily, Mexican Catholic Church and Civil Registration records. Those of us with Mexican ancestors are particularly fortunate. First, we inherited the best food in the world. Second, we inherited what are often referred to as the best genealogy records in the world.

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