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Using Facebook Groups to Research Your Ancestral Hometown

Using Facebook Groups to Research Your Ancestral Hometown

During lectures I gave this past August at my local genealogy society and at a conference, I polled the audience asking how many who are on Facebook had checked if there is an existing Facebook Group for their ancestral hometowns, and few people raised their hands. When I showed them the kind of information that I have obtained from one of my ancestral hometown Groups, they were amazed.

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I am Giving Two Talks about Cloud Computing for Genealogy in San Diego on October 14th

Are you a bit unsure what people mean when they talk about cloud computing? Does the thought of trusting the cloud make you nervous? Wondering how you can use it (or use it better) for your own genealogy work or for your society operations? Are you a cloud fan who is hoping to learn about the latest developments and trends?

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Those who follow this blog via RSS subscription will need to please update the subscription address in your feed reader client if you want to continue receiving my updated blog posts (of course you want to continue!).

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WordPress for Genealogy: Global Content Blocks for Reusable Blogging Prompt Intros

Discussing another favorite use case for the WordPress Global Content Blocks plugin, to maintain a library of reusable Intro Blurbs for regular blog prompts or columns. Take advantage of this functionality on your own self-hosted personal, professional, or society WordPress blog to save time and room for error.

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