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The Spanish Flag

Tips on Spain’s Civil Registration System, from Daniel at the Genealogy Corner

If you have Spanish roots, I want to introduce you to The Genealogy Corner blog, published by Daniel. He blogs regularly about his Spanish and English research. Daniel published a video tutorial on YouTube this week about Spanish death certificates, so I thought this a good time to steer my readers with Spanish roots to some of Daniel’s work.

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Those who follow this blog via RSS subscription will need to please update the subscription address in your feed reader client if you want to continue receiving my updated blog posts (of course you want to continue!).

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Managing My Research: Finally going “all in” with Zotero, WebDAV, and ZotPad

I frequently get asked by colleagues, friends, and family what apps (web, desktop, and mobile) I use to organize my work and life. So, I’m going to make a concerted effort here to blog a series on my personal and professional information management workflow. How I archive my “professional” or “intellectual” research — the stuff I read, study, and save for more than just casual reading or interest.

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