Evernote For Genealogy: Mobile Audio Interviews

Evernote for Genealogy

Two of the features I like best in Evernote are geotagging and audio Notes. Geotagging allows me to attach geographical metadata to my Notes, and the audio recording feature allows me to record audio and generate a Note with an embedded media player for that audio file. The combination of these two features makes for an easy always-handy good quality tool to capture mobile family history interviews since I never go anywhere without my iPhone.

What’s Different About Academic Library Websites? My Presentation From #OUTC14

OmniUpdate 2014 User Training Conference

My presentation from the OmniUpdate 2014 User Training Conference in Anaheim, California last month on academic library and faculty culture, and why academic library websites are different from other campus websites.

#HigherEd IT & Communications Professionals…What Frustrates You Most About Working With Your Campus Library’s Website?

computer frustration

Do you work in IT, Marketing, or Strategic Communications at a college or university? I would love to hear and share your specific frustrations and challenges when working with your campus library on their website, so that I can anticipate and address these concerns in my presentation and help other highered web folk overcome these obstacles.

Evernote for Genealogy: The Foundation of My Research Organization System

Evernote for Genealogy

I have been using Evernote for 4-1/2 years, and using it to organize my genealogy research for a few years. With so much chatter lately among my fellow genealogists who have been discovering this valuable tool, I thought I’d start sharing my own fine-tuned system and tips.

Books I Read In 2013

Ebook with Sushi 2012

If you are on GoodReads, you can track what I read by friending me. I am an avid fan of GoodReads and love being able to track and rate every book I read. But, since their handy dandy list of widgets does not include one that can display a list of books read between a […]