Hispanic Naming Conventions: Given Names

This Genealogy Quick Tips video explains the custom of given names in Spanish speaking countries.

Are you new or still a beginner at researching Mexican or Hispanic genealogy? When you encounter a name like “Maria del Refugio Nieto” in a U.S. border arrival record from Mexico do you wonder which part is the fist name and which part is the last name? Do you get confused when you encounter the name Jesus on a historical record that pertains to a female? Understanding cultural conventions like naming customs is critical to doing genealogy.

It has been over a year since I have had time to return to my Genealogy Quick Tips series about Hispanic naming convention due to how much busier my day job and my genealogy speaking gigs have been. But the third and final part (for now) in this Hispanic naming customs series is now available.

If you did not catch the first two parts in this Hispanic Naming Conventions series or you want a refresher, you can access them here:

  1. Hispanic Naming Conventions: Married Women
  2. Hispanic Naming Conventions: Dual Surnames

If you have not watched them

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