Anniversaries: Leonard Jackson Harless, My Husband’s Great-Great-Grandfather, Born On This Date In 1858

I am quite a bit jealous of my husband’s family history; three of his ancestral lines are already very well researched, documented, and certified by other genealogists (unlike my poor immigrant peasant lines). His Harless lineage is one such family line. There is even a published book on them, available on, and for free through HathiTrust.  His great-great-grandfather, Leonard Jackson Harless, belongs to this well documented Harless line.

Leonard Jackson Harless was supposedly born in the Nebraska Territory on May 20, 1858, to Miles (Myles) Washington Harless and Margaret Gann, while his parents were en route migrating to California from Missouri. Miles is our family’s connection to the famous Hatfields and McCoys.

This branch of the Harless family arrived in California later in 1858, settling first in San Joaquin County and Calaveras County, before moving to Mariposa County where Leonard Jackson spent the rest of his life. However, the rest of Leonard Jackson’s life is a subject for many more blog posts.

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