Drupal TNG integration

I’ve been playing around the past week with my new license to TNG (The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding) to run my family history site, as a replacement to my previous home-grown PHP/MySQL application. So, far I absolutely love the program.

It’s entirely web-based, all I had to do was FTP the files to my host server, then configure the database through installation interface, configure my site settings, and upload my latest gedcom export. I planned to build my own PHP and HTML templates, but started spending a couple days just trying to decide on a site design (not my strength), so I opted to just modify one of the available templates instead… again, forcing myself to stop trying to reinvent the wheel every time, just because I “can”. The program supports full user access control, too, so I can now allow relatives to login and contribute to our common lineage branch as well.

My only disappointment so far is not actually with TNG, but with the plugins to integrate it with the Drupal content content management system I use as a platform for this web site.

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