I am Giving Two Talks about Cloud Computing for Genealogy in San Diego on October 14th

Visualization of how cloud computing works
Image used via Creative Commons, courtesy of Sam Johnston on Wikimedia Commons.

Are you a bit unsure what people mean when they talk about cloud computing? Does the thought of trusting the cloud make you nervous? Wondering how you can use it (or use it better) for your own genealogy work or for your society operations? Are you a cloud fan who is hoping to learn about the latest developments and trends?

I can help!

This set of classes will answer questions for both cloud novices and heavy cloud users.

Spend a Saturday morning in beautiful San Diego with me!

Part I: An Overview of Cloud Computing for Genealogy

Cloud computing refers to on-demand applications, data, and services hosted and shared over the internet.

This introductory presentation discusses the general concepts behind cloud computing, and why it matters to genealogy. It highlights genealogy-specific tools as well as general products that are useful to family historians, and showcases specific examples. We will discuss the benefits and risks associated with cloud computing, and take a look at trends that have a direct impact on genealogy.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain familiarity with the basic concepts of cloud computing.
  • Learn about different uses and applications relevant to genealogy.
  • Develop an understanding of the benefits and risks to cloud computing.

Part II: Cloud Computing for Genealogy: Applications, Strategies, and Workflows

The list of cloud computing applications relevant to genealogists is constantly growing and changing.

This presentation looks at cloud-based tools that are particularly useful for storing, organizing, sharing, and collaborating on your genealogy research and society operations. We will discuss strategies for selecting the right tools to fit your needs, and demonstrate suggested workflows to improve your productivity.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain familiarity with a selection of cloud-based applications that can improve your research productivity.
  • Gain familiarity with a selection of cloud-based applications that can improve your genealogical society’s productivity.
  • Develop a strategy for selecting the right cloud-based tools to meet your needs.

Class Logistics

  • Date & Time: Saturday, October 14, 2017 (10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.)
  • Location: San Diego Genealogical Society (SDGS)
    St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church
    8350 Lake Murray Blvd. (at Jackson Dr.), San Diego, CA 92119

If you attend, please come up and introduce yourself!

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