I Am Speaking About DPLA, HathiTrust, and Mexican Genealogy in Camarillo this Saturday

Ventura County Genealogical Society

If you live up on the Ventura coast, or you want to spend a Saturday morning driving or taking the train up to the beautiful Ventura coast, join me this Saturday afternoon at the Camarillo Public Library!

My Lectures

Utilizing the Digital Public Library of America and the HathiTrust Digital Library for Family History Research

Digital Public Library & Hathi Trust logos

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) and the HathiTrust Digital Library are two relatively new innovative resources to incorporate into your family history research. Both house and provide gateways to consortia-shared rich digitized collections that can be accessed online and on your mobile devices for free. Well-designed navigation and collection organization, combined with advanced search and discovery features, make it easy to quickly and effectively locate materials relevant to your research focus. DPLA’s mapping and time-focused features make it possible for those not so familiar with a particular era or geographic region to gain a better understanding of the types of records available for different places and times. HathiTrust’s innovative reading features make it easy to quickly locate your ancestors in its extensive collection of public domain published family histories and historical materials

You will walk away from this lecture with two new favorite websites for your research toolkit.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain familiarity with navigating, browsing, and searching both websites.
    Gain familiarity with the types of record collections available from both websites.
    Learn about the mobile-friendly features available from both websites.

An Introduction to Researching Your Mexican Ancestors

Mexican American Ancestry

This introductory lecture covers key U.S. records and strategies for identifying when and where your Mexican ancestors immigrated, and for identifying their hometown in Mexico. It will also provide an overview of the main Mexican record types available online for tracing those family lines further back in Mexico.

This class is ideal for anyone new to researching their Mexican lines, as well as those still relatively new to genealogy in general.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain familiarity with the record collections, websites, and tools available for tracing your Mexican family history.
  • Find out where you can learn more and get more help.
  • Learn how even a non-Spanish speaker can be successful at this research.

Class Logistics

If you attend, please come up and introduce yourself!

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