Interpreting Google Analytics

I am bad about using and following through with Google Analytics.

I install the code snippets on every site I develop, but then I just kind of forget about it, unless it’s for a company with whom I’m employed. They usually have their own marketing people who run with and analyze the data.

But, as a web developer, I really do need to know how to interpet and use the Analytics data in order to build better designed web sites. As the folks at Devlounge point out:

A major portion of what affects visitors to a website, and thus the analytics, is the user interface developed for a website. When a web designer knows about the analytics software being used with the program, or analytics in general, a web designer has a glimpse into what is being tracked by the program and ways they can improve the site design and layout to influence higher analytics.

So simply knowing how to install tracking codes isn’t sufficient.

To get me going, I turned to this handly little Google tutorial.

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