Migrating My Public Family History Site Off Of TNG

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After about 5 years of self-hosting my own TNG family history site, I have pulled the site down.  TNG is still the best family history website software I’ve ever used, but I seem to spend more time tweaking code and customizing and maintaining the site than I do on actual research.

I still have the bulk of my research on Ancestry, and share those records with select relations, but I really hate that Ancestry forces others to create a (free) Ancestry account just to be able to view my public research.  So, while I am keeping my research up on Ancestry, I am also very slowly setting up our family tree on more publicly collaborative family tree programs too.  Right now, I am testing Geni and the newly redesigned WikiTree, both of which at least allow anyone to view public profiles without creating an account.

I am setting up this blog just as a place for me to compile and share stories, research and leads that I can make public.  Since I don’t get a whole lot of time to spend on my genealogy work, don’t expect to see this blog updated very often once we get through all the visits with family over the holidays.

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