NARA and Ancestry digitization partnership

The U.S. National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) announced yesterday a 5-year partnership with The Generations Network (TGN), parent company of, to digitize selected NARA records. TGN will provide the staff, hardware, and software, and will make the digitized records available online to Ancestry subscribers. Access to those records will be available for free, […]

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Family history collaborative content management system

Leland Meitzler posted a press announcement on his blog yesterday about FamilyInHistory, a new collaborative platform that allows members to import, publish, host, and share their family histories online. Unlike free hosting services like Ancestry, FamilySearch,, and RootsWeb, FamilyInHistory provides each subscribing member with a full-blown content management system that houses personal history pages

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Google Presentations

Need to collaborate with colleagues on an slide show presentation? Yesterday, Google officially launched its free, web-based alternative to Microsoft’s PowerPoint, Google Presentations. The software is available as part of Google Docs, which is still in beta mode, and allows users to collaborate on slide show presentations.

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