Mexican Genealogy

Articles about Mexican genealogy.

Legacy Family Tree Webinars and I are partnering again for a research series focused on Mexican genealogy.

Legacy Family Tree Webinar’s 2023 Mexico Research Series

This six-part webinar series runs every-other-month and dives into some of the most critical records for researching Mexican ancestry, in colonial New Spain, independent Mexico, and the United States.

Getting the Most Out of U.S. Border Crossing Records for Mexican Genealogy

If you have Mexican ancestors or relatives who immigrated to or temporarily lived and worked in the United States in the 20th century, U.S. border crossing records for arrivals from Mexico are an essential source for researching twentieth Mexican and Mexican-American individuals and families. This FREE downloadable article of mine will help you more thoroughly work with these invaluable records.

Hispanic Naming Conventions: Dual Surnames

This Quick Tip focuses on the contemporary dual surname system formalized with the introduction of civil registration in each country following independence from Spain.

Hispanic Naming Conventions: Married Women

I am kicking off my new “Genealogy Quick Tips” video series. My first Quick Tips focuses on married women and surnames in the Spanish speaking world.

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