My Genealogy Work

Articles about my genealogy work.

San Jose State University iSchool

I am Teaching a Graduate Level Genealogy Course for the San Jose State University School of Information

This June I start teaching a summer session course in genealogy for the graduate School of Information (iSchool) at San Jose State University. A course like this back then would have saved me years of frustration in my own research, and would have made me an even better librarian in terms of the type of research assistance and programming that I provided in public, special, and academic libraries.

DNA Double Helix

Just Launched My Research Guide for Genetic Genealogy

Yesterday I launched my newest research guide, on using DNA for genealogical research — a focus of much of my own research time and dime this year. The research guide is by no means complete. I am still scrambling to add more material, and will continue to regularly update it. It is meant to be comprehensive, but not exhaustive. Includes a special getting started section for beginners.

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