Family Recipes: Grandma Elsie Charlotte Hayes’ Chocolate Missouri Cookies

My very favorite cookie in the whole world!
Grandma Elsie

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching this Friday, I thought I would share a family favorite sweet treat that you can quickly and easily make for your own sweetheart, children, or friends…my Grandma Elsie Charlotte HAYES’ (1926-1992) chocolate missouri cookies.

These have been my very favorite cookie since I was a tiny kid! They are heaven. Warm gooey chocolate, peanut butter, oatmeal, butter, sugar, vanilla, milk, and cocoa. I make them every year as Christmas gifts, and often for Valentine’s gifts. Or just because I’m in the mood.

It brought me great joy the first time I made these for my step-children after their father and I married, to find they too love these cookies. Grandma’s cookies are now part of our family’s annual Christmas treat making party, where the kids make, bag, and deliver a bunch of candies and cookies to their friends.

My Aunt

I said these have been my favorite since a small child. But it was not until a few years ago that I learned it was my Grandma Elsie who introduced these cookies to the family.

Because it was one of my aunts, Grandma’s youngest daughter, who took over the role of family get-togethers cookie maker early in my childhood. All of us little cousin would anxiously crowd around my aunt’s stove while she made these no-bake cookies…then burn our mouths because we were too impatient to wait for the cookies to cool.

You can read more about Grandma Elsie’s chocolate missouri cookies, and get the recipe, on my food blog, The Taste Place. I don’t want to copy the original post or the recipe in full to this family history blog for fear of getting penalized for duplicate content in my food blogging SEO efforts.

Our son, now in high school (!), is a pro at making these cookies.

What are your favorite childhood recipes that you still make for your own family?

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