Using the social web for special collections

The Pollak Library guide to Special Collections and the Social Web
The Pollak Library guide to Special Collections and the Social Web

This is a past-due post about a presentation I gave earlier this month on “Special Collections and the Social Web” to members of the Orange County Heritage Coordinating Council (HCC). HCC is comprised of representatives from various heritage organizations — libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, genealogical societies, etc. — within Orange County, California.


Because the majority of these organizations are nonprofits, with little to no budget for professional techs, who often rely upon volunteers to run their web-based operations, taking advantage of free social web technologies to expand access to their collections and services is critical.  Yet, for many of the people who work or volunteer for these organizations, these tools and their potential uses are still fairly foreign concepts.  My presentation was designed to help bridge that digital divide a bit.

To accompany my talk and slide presentation, I developed an interactive guide for my work, the Pollak Library.  I do plan to continue updating this library guide as I discover new tools and innovative examples.

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