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Ancestry Academy Texas Research Course

About the Course

This course discusses the history of Texas, the types of records that exist, the type of genealogical information you can get from those records, and where you might find those records in both online and physical repositories.

  • Title: Texas: Researching the Lone Star State
  • Access: Use this course link
  • Instructor: Kelvin Meyers
  • Length: About 36 minutes

My friend and colleague Kelvin Meyers is an exceptional instructor, and is someone I consult when I have questions about Texas records.

About Ancestry Academy

Ancestry Academy provides a library full of self-paced genealogy video courses that can be watched at your convenience. Recognized experts teach on topics (most 45 minutes to 1-1/2 hours long) covering different record sets, repositories, strategies, ethnic and cultural groups, geographic regions, etc. Short 5-minute-or-less courses highlight just a single skill.

Access to Ancestry Academy requires an account–even just a FREE account.

To get to Ancestry Academy, log in to your account. Then from the main site-wide navigation menu, click on the “Extras” link, and then the “Ancestry Academy” link.

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